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Dear Food Diary by: M. D. Pollard (eBook)


Pastel Birthday Calendar


Birthday Calendar



Have you ever wanted to turn yourself into an animated character? Mia Mix Designs is currently accepting custom art commissions! Whether you want to recreate a moment/picture or place yourself in a scenic landscape, the possibilities are endless when customizing your art piece. You will receive a digital .jpg and .png file of your custom art piece.

Please email if you are interested! :)


The World of Endless Possibilities: A Positive Mindset Activity
Have you ever felt lost and couldn't decide who you wanted to be? You racked your brains around the thought of "I have to pick only ONE career/occupation and stick with it for the rest of my life". Or the fact that you wanted a specific job and thoug...
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Mia Mix Designs - Birthday Calendar
Yay! We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday!
Birthdays are one of the most magical days that happen every single year. It's a day to acknowledge someone's life and celebrate their coming of age each time. Whether you have a huge birthday party or a small intimate dinner with friends and family,...
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Who's That Girl - Meet the Creator of Mia Mix Designs
Who's That Girl? - Meet the Creator of Mia Mix Designs
Hi! My name is Mia, a city girl living in a creative world! Or more formally known as the creator and owner of Mia Mix Designs :) A little about me… some people know me as The Scribble Princess. I was born and raised in a little city called Toronto, ...
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