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Who's That Girl? - Meet the Creator of Mia Mix Designs

Hi! My name is Mia, a city girl living in a creative world! Or more formally known as the creator and owner of Mia Mix Designs :) 

A little about me… some people know me as The Scribble Princess. I was born and raised in a little city called Toronto, actually it isn’t that little, is it? I started out as an early childhood educator and worked in the field for almost 9 years. In 2020, when COVID-19 hit my world, I decided to pursue my desires of opening my own design company and here we are today, Welcome to Mia Mix Designs! 

The first time I fell in love with art was at the age of 10. My best friend and I begged our moms to enroll us into a drawing class at a community centre. Every week we use to draw different characters like Sylvester, Tweety and Fred Flintstone. I still have those drawings till this day and will forever more cherish them. 

Fast forward to a couple years later, I started to participate in different hobbies. From learning how to crochet with rainbow loom bands and yarn, to creating pixel art using fusion beads, my creativity started to bloom. I then started to make all these extravagant art projects, such as, my 9000 piece puzzle wall in my bedroom. My mom wasn’t too pleased with me sticking tape all across the wall, but the result was amazing and I was so proud. The possibilities of creating art were endless. Everything I saw, I wanted to try and make. Finally one day, I decided I wanted to keep creating art, not just for fun but to make a life and career out of it. Usually businesses stick to one or two niches, but I don’t want to stick to just one idea or topic. Mia Mix Designs - A Little Mix of Everything. 

Through this creative channel of mines, I hope to enrich people’s lives with my drawings, comics, stories, animations, music, wisdom and advice. I am sure there is a lot more things but those are just a few. I hope to share my creative journey and connect with people all over the world :)