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Yay! We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday!

Birthdays are one of the most magical days that happen every single year. It's a day to acknowledge someone's life and celebrate their coming of age each time. Whether you have a huge birthday party or a small intimate dinner with friends and family, there are so many ways people cherish their special day!

As your friend circle starts to become bigger or your family starts to grow one by one, it becomes a little difficult to remember everyone's birthday all at the same time. Of course no one wants to forget someone's special day, but it happens. In order to make things easier, the birthday calendar is finally here!

Birthday Calendar Pastel Birthday Calendar

Instead of scrolling month by month through the calendar on your computer or phone, which is probably mixed with other events, tasks and appointments. The birthday calendar keeps everyone's birthdays organized all in one place.

You can choose between two designs: The Original Birthday Calendar or The Pastel Birthday Calendar . Both calendars come with a PDF file of 12 monthly calendar sheets and 6 present planning sheets for your computer/laptop and phone/tablet. Through your computer/laptop you can fill in the PDF right away. When you use your phone/tablet, you can use the edit text button to add all of your information.

Digital Birthday Planner Sheets Digital Pastel Birthday Planner Sheets

Have a great idea for someone's present months before their big day but, don't want to forget about it? Use the present planning sheet to write down all your ideas. The best thing about this planner is that its all digital! You can write, rewrite or erase ideas anytime!

Get your Birthday Calendar or Pastel Birthday Calendar today! You can check out the quick preview option to take a quick look :)

Let us know some of your birthday traditions down below in the comments!

Happy Birthday :)